Welcome to the ADC50 Blog!

Welcome to the ADC50 Blog! Since the Annual Meeting in January, the Subcommittee on Communications has been in the process of revamping the blog. We would like to take a moment to introduce the current subcommittee and Blog Team members:

Heidi Krofft, Laura Keeley, and Alex Tarantino make up the Cultural Resources Section at the Delaware Department of Transportation. Heidi, an archaeologist, has been involved with ADC50 since 2015, while Laura and Alex, both architectural historians, were introduced to ADC50 this past January. Heidi and Laura are both committee members. Alex is a friend of the committee.

Megan Beer-Pemberton, a historian, and Bob Newbery, an Environmental Specialist, are based in Wisconsin, at CORRE, Inc., a transportation engineering firm. Megan has been involved with ADC50 since 2015 and currently serves as a member. Bob is an Emeritus Member of the committee, as well as a member of the Standing Committee on Transportation History (ABG50).

Hope Luhman is Senior Vice President at the Louis Berger Group, Inc. She serves as the Chair for ADC50’s Subcommittee on Communications.

Our goal is to compile ADC50’s history so it can be shared with current and future friends and members. To accomplish this, we need your help. We are working to gather your thoughts, experiences, and memories and we appreciate your continued feedback! If you get emails from us in the future please don’t delete!

We envision the blog as a tool to communicate with other members and stay informed about all things ADC50 (past and present). We hope you’ll join us!


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