It’s Summer Meeting time!

We are so excited to see everyone at the ADC50 Summer Meeting starting Sunday in Minneapolis! This will be my first summer meeting, but I have heard many stories about past summer meetings and am looking forward to getting to experience it for myself. Please share any summer meeting memories you have in the comments!

Members of the blog team will be at the meeting and making posts from the field so to speak, so come back and check for pictures, commentary, and more! We’ll be kicking it all off Sunday night at the reception, and go from there.

We found a picture from a previous summer meeting, and we’d love to see more, so please share any you might have in the comments! Can anyone guess which year this is from? I see some familiar faces in the shot, and I’d love to know what that is hanging from this bridge. Anyone know?

ny trb adc50 at erie canal lock 5 (2)

We hope everyone has safe easy travels and we’ll see you (in person!) next week!


3 thoughts on “It’s Summer Meeting time!

  1. Well it could be a hanging plastic owl meant to keep pigeons away from the bridge, which is over a lock / channel along the Erie Canal or it could be an effigy to signify the end of another great ADC50 summer meeting!


  2. What a cast of characters! The thing hanging from the bridge, sort of looks likes one of those “scare owls”. They are often used to try and scare off birds, so perhaps they were trying to birds (and guano stains) off the footbridge?


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