Oklahoma’s Adopted Bridges

Scott Sundermeyer recently shared with ADC50 an interesting project that Oklahoma completed in December 2017. ODOT has an Adopt-A-Bridge program, which allows for a bridge to be donated, at no cost, to anyone willing to relocate the structure and maintain its historic character at a new location. ODOT was contacted by a private citizen interested in preserving a 160-foot-long K-thru truss bridge located on SH-11 over Hominy Creek in Skiatook, OK.

hominy bridge

From the HAER Documentation completed in June 2015,

“The Hominy Creek Bridge is a notable example of a K Through Truss Bridge built in 1940 by the Standard Paving Company. This truss design was a standardized design introduced in Oklahoma in the 1930s and used across the state through the 1950s. The K-Truss was invented by Phelps Johnson of Quebec to support the construction of the Quebec Bridge over the St. Lawrence River in 1917 (Henderson 2014). This truss type could be used to span crossings between 140 to 210 feet, utilizing a subdivided panel, a design that “afforded more strength and economy as it also increased the length of the structure” (King 1993). This truss type was also considered aesthetically pleasing. Although K-Trusses are common in Oklahoma, interestingly, they are quite rare in other parts of the U.S. (Henderson 2014).”

A private citizen reached out and through ODOT’s Adopt-A-Bridge program, the Hominy Creek Bridge was moved roughly 2.5 miles north to be placed roughly 150 feet east of SH-11, just north of 136th Street for public display and visitation.

hominy bridgemove

For more information on ODOT’s Adopt-A-Bridge program, you can visit, http://www.odotculturalresources.info/adopt-a-bridge.html, and to see examples of successful adoptions, and a great video of the Hominy Creek Bridge being moved, please visit, http://www.odotculturalresources.info/adopted-and-bypassed-bridges.html



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